Most of us depend on milk produced by small-scale farmers. However millions of these farmers are struggling just to feed themselves. At Yala, our approach is different


Since our product is a result of a collaboration between farmer owned dairy cooperative and a team of young highly skilled youth, we place welfare of our farmers first! 


We are investing in Cows, Farmers and consumers. We strongly believe that if farmers are empowered to adopt best practices, they earn better incomes and produce better quality milk for our consumers. Our involvement with our farmers is one of the most advanced and we work with our exerts and suppliers to tackle issues faced by smallholder farmers. We emphasise that our experts involve the input suppliers in training and extension activities to answer question about quality of their inputs and explain to farmers how their products should be used.

In addition we are the only processor that supplies our farmers with high quality Cows, connect them knowledge and expertise to manage them better and then offer a stable market for milk.