Why become an Yala distributor?


When you become an Yala distributor, you have an instant new profit centre.

Yala distributors are the link between the our customers and and our Company. We will supply you with our products which consumers love, then you sell at a profit. To help you support consumers better, you will receive direct training about our products, and have exclusive authority to sell the products in your area. This gives your customers the peace of mind knowing that they are working with a company with direct access to the manufacturer.

Contact us to supply milk to your ATM at wholesale price

Milk ATMs is becoming popular with consumers enjoying milk at lower prices. By investing in a milk ATM machine, you can make good returns. With so many upcoming estates in our urban centres no reason why you should not be milking some profits from milk ATMS.

To make a-lot of money, Milk ATMs should be located in urban centres near consumers. This means you will need reliable supplier of high quality milk. At Yala, we supply the best quality pasteurised milk consistently. We will also brand your shop to so that you can ride on our brand which is trusted by farmers across the country. We will train you on milk handling procedures to guarantee that the product stays fresh for longer. As part of our commitment on consistency and quality, we will sign a contract.

In addition, our milk not adulterated with water!

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